Day 2

Introducing Love into Love

A Day of Reflection on Saint John Paul II’s Revolutionary Book Love & Responsibility

It’s been said that Saint John Paul II’s book Love and Responsibility deserves a place on the list of the Great Books of the Western world. Therein he wrote that one of the greatest sufferings in life is when love turns out to be something other than love. His goal in Love and Responsibility is to help people avoid such disillusionments by introducing genuine love back into love. And he does so with remarkably keen insights that illuminate the human heart as much as they resonate deeply within it. Sadly, what we consider “love” often turns out to be two people using each other. How can we experience erotic attraction and desire in a way that upholds the dignity of the person as a treasure to be loved and not a thing to be used and discarded? Come and rediscover your own ability-to-respond to love!